Monday, April 19, 2010

3 parts of my rock head

my brain

right brain : study now please!!

left brain : lets play futsal , lets play guitar , lets play the camera , lets open the laptop , lets surf the internet , lets eat until your stomach full and go to sleep after that..

my eye

right eye : lets look at the examples of questions of the beam design, column design and timber design!! lets read the beautiful and heavy books!!

left eye : lets watch the movies, the cute girls at facebook, beautiful pictures at flickrs and pupils blog, magazines, comics and cartoons..

my nose

right hole : smell the oxygen's in the morning air...

left hole : smell the aroma's of mcd's and other fast foods..  

my mouth

tongue said : i want to have nutrients food, lots of carbohydrates, proteins, irons, and calcium's..

the bad teeth said : i want meat, fried chicken, and carbonated drinks.. AND SAY NO TO VEGETABLES and FRUITS!!



focus on me

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